The fertile soil the right exposure and the clean air create an ideal climate for the cultivation of our olives: in San Severo in the heart of Tavoliere delle Puglie a land with centuries-old and wise agricultural tradition.

The taste of tradition

The Sanseverese pot pruning is done exclusively by hand in order to facilitate the harvesting of the drupe using the ancient method of “brucatura” (harvest by hand) as soon as the potting begins and after we make sure that the fruit is healthy.

Unique organic taste

It gives an added value to the organic extra virgin olive oil the appropriate selection of healthy drupes during the harvesting by hand. Cold milling takes place at the latest-generation continuous cycle crusher. This allows to preserve intact the natural substances contained in the fresh olive and gives the oil notonly pleasant aromatic nuances a harmonious round taste with a right note of bitter and spicy.


Extravirgin olive oil
Organic from Peranzana cultivar

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Bag in box – Extravirgin olive oil organic – Peranzana