The estate consists of 35 hectares of olive groves and vineyards. All the processing are organic (certified since 2004).


The wines ferment spontaneously in steel and for a wine ( the Macerato ) fermenting/maceration in barrique, no clarification and no sterile stabilization and filtration, little addition of sulfites.

Currently in production we have five labels: Bombino Sparkling Wine, Bombino White, Bombino Macerato (orange wine), Nero di Troia Rosé, Nero di Troia Red.

“our commitment to the environment”

The packaging of our bottles tries to respect nature as much as possible: we have chosen a lighter bottle than the others; the labels are made of Stone Paper a special paper made with stone powder which allows- compared to other papers- to save more than 65% of paper; the capsule is made of polylaminate to avoid the use of PVC plastic; the cartons have no graphics to be 100% recycled.

The graphic of our labels is really simple but effective: the labels in fact represent a square with the color of the wine to highlight and emphasize the naturalness of our wine, the absence of chemistry. A wine made from its grapes that has the color of its grapes. 

IGT Puglia Organic wine

Bombino Macerato (orange wine)
IGT Puglia Organic wine

Nero di Troian Rosé
IGT Puglia Organic wine

Nero di Troia
IGT Puglia Organic wine

Bombino Sparkling Wine
IGT Puglia Biologico

Nero di Troia Rosé Sparkling Wine
IGT Puglia Biologico

IGT Puglia

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Bag in Box White
IGT Puglia Organic Wine

Bag in Box Red
IGT Puglia Organci Wine